Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on sexuality and culture a relationship analysis.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on sexuality and culture a relationship analysis. In the paper “Sexuality And Culture A Relationship Analysis” the influence of the cultural norms and values with the sexuality overall will assess. Though with the globalization of the world and increasing personnel movement across the globe, there has evolved a situation where many cultures are intersected at various points and people belonging to one culture, may exhibit behaviors related to some other cultures at times, but the extent of the influence of the culture on sexuality is still evident It can be consciously said that the cultural norms if seen with the context of the region and the society a person lives in dictates in a better way, a person exhibits his behaviors.

Cultural Product under Discussion

Various cultures in the world have very different and unique ways of expressing the sexual desire. In few of the cultures, there may be very few instances when a male might express to the female, his desire to indulge in the sexual interaction. Whereby, indulging into sex may be considered something very sacred or treating it as an ‘event’ thus making it a very rare occasional call for sex. Whereas in some cultures, the way a male would express his desire to sexually interact with the female partner may be just as having dined out at the weekend. This is all very much influenced by the culture a person lives into. Therefore, it is necessary for the matter of discussion and analysis that a particular cultural product or a society be chosen to look into the cultural aspects of sexuality.

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