Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on application of statistical tools.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on application of statistical tools. The statistical tool, Test on Two proportions is done to verify whether there is a direct relationship between poverty and prostitution.

The use of statistical analysis has been proven to be helpful in terms of coming up the with a right decision most especially when a large amount of money needs to be invested in certain projects that will need extensive analysis to find out whether the project or plan is worthy of investment or not.

The student t-Distribution, in this paper, is used to determine the status of certain machines suspected to be experiencing technical failure which could affect the quality and quantity of production. As well, the Test on Two Proportion technique is used to verify the relationship between social problems such as poverty and prostitution. Additionally, another issue is resolved using the Normal Distribution in identifying whether or not the claim of a certain manufacturer of herbal medicine is true.

Generally, the various statistical analyses are used in finding out which decision has to be made to minimize the risks of getting failures and losses in business and other lucrative and non-lucrative endeavors in the fields of engineering, agriculture, medicine, industry, and among others.

According to the claim of the manufacturer of a certain herbal medicine, a particular dose can be 90% efficient to cause healing to patients diagnosed with an allergy. One of the specifications is to take the medicine every 8 hours. Out of the 200 patients with allergy problem, 160 of them have been healed by using the herbal medicine. Find out whether the claim of the manufacturer is true or not.

Since the alternative hypothesis has a symbol of &lt. (less than), this entails that this is the case of a one-tailed test. The purpose of the symbol less than (&lt.) is to try to prove that the population of those who have been healed by the&nbsp.medicine is very low.

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