Write 6 pages with APA style on Historical Findings Of The Ancient Near East And Ancient Greece.

Write 6 pages with APA style on Historical Findings Of The Ancient Near East And Ancient Greece. The main objective of the author behind writing the book can be ascertained as addressing the key issues prevailing in the general environment that are related with the law, women, the plight of unprivileged free people, sex, education, popular entertainment, food along with clothing and marriage as well as divorce. The other issues encompass the roles of slaves along with freedmen, death and burial, composition and power of the ruling class, finance and trade, scientific and medical achievements, religious institutions and practices and artistic and literary masterpieces among others (Dunstan, 1-597).

William E. Dunstan served as a visiting scholar in the University of North Carolina and also as a lecturer in various universities including University of North Carolina, North Carolina and State University and Carnegie Mellon University. The book outlines the viewpoints of Dunstan on a specific topic i.e. ‘social and cultural history’. Moreover, Dunstan in his professional life has gained the remarkable position in the field of archivist, public lecturer, author, historical editor, college administrator as well as an award-winning teacher. ‘The Chronicle of Higher Education’ hailed Dunstan towards writing appealing literature based on his life and his previously published books that include ‘The Ancient Near East and Ancient Greece’ (Dunstan, 1-597).

Materials that were used in the content are determined to be an essential element of the book that determines its high reliability. In this regard, it is often argued that the validity of any book firmly depends on the reliability of data obtained from various sources. Thus, for gaining the maximum attention of various viewers and readers, the author i.e.&nbsp.William E. Dunstan focused on utilizing both primary and secondary sources for collecting relevant data.

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