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Company Name and Brief Description of the Internship

The internship took place in WallsPop Group Company and was purposed to provide a marketing experience that is necessary for the job market. The internship entailed various duties and responsibilities that were well defined. These activities aimed at providing relevant knowledge concerning the market. The first task involved collection of qualitative and quantitative data from the campaign teams within the company. The task entailed undertaking various studies that helped in the collection of the data.  The activity sought to ensure that the marketing campaigns in the company are driven towards the right direction to gain a competitive advantage. The second task involved performing a market analysis of the company and conduct research on the competition aspects that influence the company. Understanding the nature of competition that is presented in a given organization is important aspects that help in the establishment of effective strategies that guide towards overcoming competition issues.  The third task entailed working with the marketing teams and supporting the teams on their daily administrative tasks in a bid to ensure that the marketing department is in a position to achieve the set goals and objectives.

Learning Goals

  • Public Relations (PR): The first significant learning goal entailed PR, which is an important aspect when dealing with a company that requires building and maintaining a right image in a given industry. In WallsPop Group, the issue of public relation is significant since the company is always focused on ensuring and maintaining a healthy image within the public audience. Learn how a press release can be a resource to industry publications and create a healthy buzz about a company’s initiatives.
  • Business to Business (B2B) Marketing Expertise: The second learning goal entailed Business to Business (B2B) Marketing Expertise. I needed to learn various marketing techniques between WallsPop Group towards its different clients in various industries. Development of strategic positions, creative visions, and expressions of brands will help our clients shape their brands, messages and marketing plans.
  • Enhancing Social Media Marketing Skills: The third learning goal involved Enhancing Social Media Marketing Skills. During the intern, I purposed to continue enhancing my social media skills and learn about effective strategies to encourage more engagement, more followers, sharing, etc. Social media is continuously changing and updating in conjunction with enhancements in technology. Each social media channel targets a specific audience and serves a unique purpose. Because of this, social media strategies are developed based on what we know about each outlet and how we appeal to the end user.


According to Ramaseshan, Ishak, & Kingshott (2013), marketing challenges are inevitable during growth and development of a company despite the implementation of different strategies that may be implemented within an organization. However, understanding the marketing problems and developing appropriate and relevant strategies to overcome them is a key aspect that allows a company to become more competitive in a given industry and thus experience diverse growth and development. In the WallsPop Group Company, the issue of brand recognition is one of the major marketing challenges experienced despite the diverse marketing strategies that the Company has implemented in the past. An analysis of the market indicated that the brand is not well recognized in the market thus creating a major hindrance in the positive development of the company on issues relating to the ability to gain a competitive advantage over other companies within the industry. The marketing problem presented in the company requires urgent measures and strategies that are relevant in providing appropriate solutions to capitalize on becoming more earning a greater market share and overcoming competition within the market.

Company Overview

Name and Nature of the Business

WallsPop Group Company is an agency that engages in marketing, advertising, branding, and management of special events. The company engages in the development of strategies positions to help in the development of specific brands in the market through marketing and advertisement (Wallspop Group, 2017). The company operates as an advertising agency focused on the development of different marketing concepts for its clients. Most of the clients that WallsPop Group deals with are high-end companies intending to introduce new products into the consumer markets. On the other hand, the company also engages in event planning, which includes both corporate and social events. WallsPop Group is a key player in the planning of music concerns among other events in its bid to meet expected consumer demands in different markets (Wallspop Group, 2017).

Business Model

Mission and Values

The company’s mission is to increase its reach within the corporate environment in a bid to ensuring that corporate companies use WallsPop Group as the preferred marketing agency. In meeting this objective, WallsPop Group has been involved in the development of new platforms from which to market its client’s products, as well as, engages with a wide array of stakeholders in seeking effective marketing strategies. Regarding its values, WallsPop Group maintains a close connection concerning its image within the public audience. From that perspective, WallsPop Group has focused much of its attention towards ensuring that it maintains a positive image, as this would be of value towards improving its overall corporate position within the consumer market.

Financial Health of the Company

A review of WallsPop Group’s financial health indicates that the company has been struggling financially considering that it has been facing challenges about attracting the expected number of clients towards its products. Based on the financial statements for the previous years, it is evident that the company is experiencing a challenge about the issue of debt. The management at WallsPop Group has been involved in borrowing with the aim of ensuring that it maintains its position regardless of the fact that the number of clients has been reducing at a significant rate. Another critical element that seeks to support the company’s dwindling financial health is the fact that the company has experienced a challenge about its efforts towards expansion outside Atlanta.

Company’s Market Standing and Reputation

When reflecting on the company’s marketing standing, the critical element of focus is the company’s market share, which would determine its ability to compete within the consumer markets. According to a recent survey, WallsPop Group’s market share was 13.6%, which is significantly low when compared to some of its key competitors within the same consumer market (Papasolomou, Thrassou, Vrontis, & Sabova, 2014). WallsPop Group has been facing increased pressure and competition, which has played a vital role towards impacting its market standing. Regarding its reputation, WallsPop Group holds a reputation for understanding the need for integrity about the services that it offers to its clients.

Company’s Competencies and Capabilities

Regarding its competencies and capabilities, WallsPop Group is known for its ability to engage in active campaign monitoring, which is essential in ensuring that it achieves its intended objectives. On the other hand, WallsPop Group has a fundamental competence in brand development, especially when dealing with new products launched within the consumer markets. These are the essential elements that WallsPop Group capitalizes on as part of its approach to attracting consumers.

SWOT Diagram

SWOT Analysis


The WallsPop Group has several strengths that make it outstanding in the industry. The major strengths of the company include its position in the Atlanta market. WallsPop is the leading company the advertising and marketing industry in the Atlanta market. It controls a market share of over 50% (Rosenthal & Brown, 2014). Consequently, it has a large customer base in Atlanta. Secondly, the company has effective brand management capabilities. The company uses modern techniques such as social media and other forms of modern technology in managing brands. Moreover, the company has highly qualified and experienced personnel who enhance its effectiveness in brand management. The structure of the organization and its standard operating procedures allow the organization to be highly flexible and responsive to the changing needs of the customer. Lastly, the organization has a strong tendency for data collection about customers. Therefore, the company can analyze the data and leverage on such analysis to outdo competitors in the industry.  


Walls Pop has several weaknesses that work against it in the market. First, the company has not fully understood the needs of the customers in the industry. In some instances, the company brands and markets customer products in ways that the customers did not want to depict their products in their markets. It reflects lack of understanding of customers’ needs and requirements (Rosenthal & Brown, 2014). Secondly, the company lacks effective marketing strategy for itself. Therefore the company has not been able to create its positive brand in the market and hence attract more customers.


The company has an opportunity to expand into new markets. While the company currently operates only in Atlanta, there is great potential and untapped market in other states as well as other markets in the rest of the world. The potential for expansion to other parts of the is a great opportunity that this company can leverage own to expand its customer base, the scope of operation and the overall bottom line for the organization (Singh, 2012). Secondly, the needs of the consumers and customers have not been largely met in the current market for the organization. Customers in this industry and particularly in the context of the market in Atlanta have needs that have marketing and branding needs that have largely not been met by the existing players in the industry. Such needs are largely related to the dynamic nature of the business environment today and the need to constantly rebrand in a way that attracts customers. As such, this is an opportunity that the company can leverage on through research and innovation.


            The company faces two major threats. The first threat is competition. There are no significant barriers to entry by new business players in this industry and particularly within the Atlanta market. Consequently, the new company can enter into this market posing Great competition to the WallsPop Groups (Singh, 2012). Secondly, the company’s poor financial position makes it less competitive and less innovative. Due to its poor financial position the company is not able to invest in more research as well as higher specialists. This predisposes the company to the threat of being irrelevant to the customers and the market. 

Problem statement

The major problem for WallsPop is the fact that the Marketing strategies employed by the organization are largely ineffective in creating and presenting a positive brand image to the customers hence limiting the ability of the business to expand its customer base and overall bottom line.  

Plausible Solution 1


Based on the marketing challenge identified, the first plausible solution that would work in the case of WallsPop Group is engagement in enhanced social media marketing by using some of the existing social media platforms. Although WallsPop Group has failed about its approach to using bloggers as part of their marketing, it is essential for the company to focus on social media platforms. Some of the key platforms that the company may consider in its bid for effective marketing include Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (Fulgoni, 2018). Bang, Joshi, & Singh (2016) argue that companies engaging in marketing through social media tend to have a higher level of flexibility in their marketing approaches. That arises from the fact that social media helps in ensuring that the company markets its products and services, as well as, creates that definite structure for customer engagement. For WallsPop Group, this would be of value towards elevating the company’s current positioning about its marketing challenge.


The first key advantage of using this marketing tool is cost, as the costs associated with running social media pages are significantly low. Therefore, the company would save on its costs of marketing based on the idea of using this particular marketing platform. The second key advantage of using social media as a marketing tool relates to the fact that the company would be in a better position to reach a bigger audience. The number of internet users using the three social media platforms on a daily basis exceeds 2 million, which creates a viable platform for effective marketing (McCollough & Shook, 2017). The third advantage of this solution is that it seeks to create an avenue for customer interaction as part of the marketing process for WallsPop Group.


The main disadvantage of using social media as a marketing tool is that it requires an in-depth understanding of how the company would position itself within the internet to achieve its intended goals. Therefore, implementation of this solution may take some time before it achieves its intended objective as part of the marketing process.

Plausible Solution 2


The second plausible solution for WallsPop Group in its approach towards dealing with the marketing challenge identified is search engine optimization. Search engine optimization refers to the adoption of effective strategies that seek to ensure that a company leads based on searches on a given search engine. In the case of WallsPop Group, the company may benefit from this marketing element, as it would ensure that it creates a platform from which to ensure that individual users of search engines gain an understanding of the company. The company would engage some of the leading search engines including Google and Yahoo as part of its approach towards optimization of its appearance in the event of a search within the search engines.


The main advantage of this marketing solution revolves around the fact that this marketing solution has the capacity of reaching a big audience. When compared to medical social marketing, search engine optimization has a higher ability to reach a bigger audience, as it seeks to capture users of these search engines. Ultimately, more people would understand the services that company is offering based on its engagement with this particular solution. The second advantage is that this marketing solution increases flexibility for the company about the marketing process. The marketing solution does not limit the company about engagement in other marketing strategies to help boost its brand recognition.


The main disadvantage of this marketing solution, in the case of WallsPop Group, is on the cost associated with the marketing process. These costs include payments to search engine as part of its optimization efforts, which tend to vary depending on the search engine. One of the critical aspects of consideration when dealing with any given solution is cost, as this acts as a critical determinant of whether a marketing solution is effective (Papasolomou & Melanthiou, 2012). In this case, WallsPop Group may include significant costs in its bid towards establishing its search engine positioning based on the searches.

Plausible Solution 3


The third plausible solution that the company may need to consider as part of its efforts towards marketing is engagement in PR. It acts as a useful marketing tool in cases where companies intended to reflect on building a brand name explicitly focusing on recognition efforts. In the case of WallsPop Group, the company has been facing a significant challenge about its recognition, which would affect its overall capacities to attract the required number of clients. The main activities associated with PR include the development of newsworthy stories, as well as, engagement in effective CSR campaigns. That would pave the way for customers to gain an understanding of some of the critical services that the company is offering, as they would focus on finding more information on the company through the internet.


The first key advantage of using PR as a marketing tool is that the company would be in a better position to project its positive corporate image based on its usage of different PR activities. Therefore, the company does not only position itself in marketing but also works towards highlighting its corporate image. The second advantage of using PR is that the activities associated with PR tend to play a central role in building customer confidence in the quality of products or services offered (Grunig & Dozier, 2003). In the case of WallsPop Group, more people would gain some element of confidence about the services it is offering in the consumer market.


The main disadvantage of using PR is that it requires constant market research in a bid to determining some of the critical aspects to consider during research. As a result, WallsPop Group would need to engage in regular market researchers about the marketing and events industry to determine critical elements that drive consumer demands. Engaging in regular market researchers also works towards ensuring that the company remains relevant within its current market positioning (Gabrielsson, Gabrielsson, & Seppälä, 2012). However, this affects the company negatively due to the time taken towards engagements in regular market researches, which affect the time that the company would need to engage in marketing.

Decision Criteria

During the decision-making process about the identification of the optimal solution, it is important to evaluate some of the key decision criteria. The criteria seek to establish some of the notable strengths and weaknesses associated with given solutions to determine the solution that would have best outcomes. In this case, the criteria to consider are:

  • The solution selected must focus on pushing WallsPop Group’s overall marketing position based on its capacity to change the perception held by customers within the consumer market.
  • The solution must also be cost-effective for the company about ensuring that it minimizes on the cost margin, which may have a crucial impact on its overall financial health and profit margin.
  • The solution must also work towards creating a relationship between the company and its customers as part of the marketing process, as this would be of value in creating customer loyalty.
  • The solution must have an adequate implementation plan considering that the company would need to implement the solution as soon as possible to help curb the competition that it has been facing.

Recommendation and Justification

The solutions indicated seek to provide practical avenues Form which the company would be able to position it’s the marketing process because they reflect on different marketing activities. Before highlighting the recommendation from the three plausible solutions indicated, one of the key aspects to note is that each of the solutions may have a vast level of advantages for WallsPop Group as part of its approach to building brand recognition. Additionally, each of the recommendations is within reach of WallsPop Group based on the company’s financial health. However, the plausible solution that would be most suited for WallsPop Group is embarking on PR as part of its marketing efforts in reaching a more significant customer base.

The crucial first justification for using PR as its marketing solution is that PR seeks to ensure that the company can change the perception held by consumers within the different markets. In the decision criteria, one of the critical issues to consider in the selection of a recommendation or solution is its ability to change the way customers perceive the services offered by the company. In the case of WallsPop Group, the adoption of PR as part of its marketing would be of value in ensuring that customers change their overall outlook about the services delivered by the company. The crucial second justification of using PR is that it has a sufficient capacity from which to create a relationship between the company and its clients. PR is one of the most effective activities that companies undertake in their bid to highlight the relationship with their clients (Cornelissen, 2001). In this case, WallsPop Group would find itself in an efficient platform from which to achieve success in creating a positive relationship.

Implementation Plan

The implementation of this particular solution to improving marketing at WallsPop Group would move in phases in a bid to ensuring that the company achieves its intended objective. The first phase is the critical evaluation phase, which seeks to evaluate the company critically about the performance of its PR department. The evaluation of this department is essential in elevating some level of understanding about the company’s capacity to engage in productive PR. In this phase, the management at WallsPop Group would be in a better position to establish some of the critical changes expected within the PR department in a bid to increase its effectiveness.

The second phase is the pilot phase in which the company would engage in mock PR activities while evaluating the responses from the public to determine their effectiveness. One of the key aspects to note when dealing with PR activities is that although they seek to ensure effectiveness for a company, some of the activities tend to lack that element of relevance about their usability. In this case, WallsPop Group must consider and select PR activities that would be of benefit for the company about improving its capacity to compete effectively. The third phase is the adoption phase in which the company would adopt the activities selected in the previous phase as a way of ensuring that it maintains that element of effectiveness. The company would need to reflect on the fact that these activities must be in a position to build its position within the corporate environment efficiently.


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