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Stress Management Seminar

Stress management is important in ensuring employees can be productive at all times. It is through stress management that employees can be able to deal with some of the day-to-day challenges (Tetrick & Winslow, 2015). The workplace is riddled with pressures that can only be dealt with through stress management. The seminar will discuss the following topics.

  1. Explanation of stress management
  2. The need for stress management
  3. Types of stress
  4. The stress management strategies employees can employ
  5. The different models of stress management (Tetrick & Winslow, 2015)
  6. The advantages of stress management
  7. The impacts of stress on an individual and the company

The selection of these topics comes from some of the common challenges that employees have to deal with as they continue working in the company (Tetrick & Winslow, 2015). These topics are essential to ensuring the employees understand the importance of stress management and the strategies that they can use in dealing with stress. 

There are various factors that a company can use when selecting a vendor to use during the training process. The first criterion is the content regarding how robust and complete the content is. This deals with the practicability of the content once the individuals complete the workshop (Aziz & Mansor, 2018). The company has to look at the activities that are included in the content. The other criterion is the background of the vendor in regards to the topic and the organization. This revolves around the credentials of the vendor. The third criterion is the client experience (Aziz & Mansor, 2018). The client experience is regarding the types of clients that the vendor has worked with and the response they have had on his or her services. The HR can use references in making that determination. The final criterion is the teaching philosophy and methods. This is regarding the teaching philosophy and comparison with the philosophy adopted by the company.


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Tetrick, L. E., & Winslow, C. J. (2015). Workplace stress management interventions and health promotion. Annual Review Organizational Psychology. Organizational Behavior 2(1), 583-603.

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