The second pivotal event in 1980 was the publication of Competitive Strateg

The second pivotal event in 1980 was the publication of Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors by Harvard professor Michael Porter. This book offers concepts such as five forces analysis and generic strategies that continue to strongly influence how executives choose strategies more than thirty years after the book’s publication. Given the importance of these concepts, both five forces analysis and

1.4 The History of Strategic Management 22

generic strategies are discussed in detail in Chapter 3 “Evaluating the External Environment” and Chapter 5 “Selecting Business-Level Strategies”, respectively.

Intended and Emergent Strategies

Figure 1.3 A Model of Intended, Deliberate, and Realized Strategy

Table 1.6 The Modern History of Strategic Management Although strategy has been important throughout history, strategic management as a field of study has largely

developed over the past century. Below are a few key business and academic events that have helped the field evolve.

23 Mastering Strategic Management

Year Notable event

1909 Ford first produces its classic Model T.

1911 Frederick W. Taylor publishes The Principles of Scientific Management.


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