The Effectiveness of Training at Southwest Airlines

The Effectiveness of Training at Southwest Airlines

The article shows that Southwest Airlines is using the best methods to train its employees. The company is not only aiming at ensuring that the employees have the skills to work in the company but is also ensuring that they have career development training. Moreover, the company has a university that offers leadership training to the employees and the leaders as well. This means that the employees can take up any leadership role in the company if they meet the requirements. The university offers a wide range of training to the employees, but the focus is on various aspects of employee development. The eight departments offering training are constantly improved to ensure enhanced efficiency as well as the effectiveness of all the employees (Site Staff, 003). Through the promotion of employee development training, Southwest Airlines can have a low turnover rate. The low turnover rate in the company shows that the employees are satisfied with their jobs. Having the skills necessary to perform within Southwest Airlines ensures that the employees have high job satisfaction.

The recommendation is that the management should use more online training methods. This means that the company should put up more technological advancements to allow it to implement better training for its employees. As a visual learner, simulations and presentations are the best training methods to ensure that I can remember what was taught. Similarly, presentations and simulations are some of the ideal methods when it comes to skills training for the employees at Southwest Airlines. Presentations enable the trainer to combine visual, audio, and written content to accommodate all learners in the program. Combining the different elements enhances understanding. The presentations can also be sent online to those taking part. They provide a point of reference for those who would like to refer back later.


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