Terms of Use

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For attaining our services at SmartWritings.com you will always have to make sure that the terms and conditions are followed. Therefore kindly go through them carefully before placing an order. Still, if there is any confusion you can contact us at any time.

Order Details and Registration

1. For placing an order you simply have to fill the details on the form and pay because the work will not be started until and unless you have paid. The data that you will enter has to be true and accurate otherwise your account can be permanently terminated from all the facilities.

2. Additionally, the client will also have to provide their contact information that will include name, address, phone number, and email. And if there is any kind of change in these parameters, you will have to update the information instantly so we are able to inform you through the relevant channels. If the client fails to do so we will not be held responsible for inappropriate and incorrect communication channels.

3. Once the order starts processing, you will be linked to the most relevant writer. What should be kept in mind is that you cannot submit any libelous, indecent, pornographic, or insulting content.

4. Our priority is to help you with the utmost help and that is why we have created a revision policy. For this, you will have to request for revision through the button provided on the order page. But please note that the request can be canceled anytime by SmartWritings.com if it violates the order instructions. In this case, the customer can either pay extra for the changes or place a separate order regarding the editing.

5. We strictly prohibit any acts of plagiarism or violation of copyright law from the clients’ side and our side.

6. SmartWritings is fully responsible for delivering the order on the required deadline and if we fail to do so you can review our refund policy.

7. Once the order is accepted (after fulfilling all our procedures) by the client, you can claim ownership of content. Therefore, you can display, publish, reproduce, or even sell that piece of content anywhere. Similarly, if the order does not gets accepted, the ownership cannot be claimed by the clients.

Discounts and Payments

8. The payment made by you will be according to our current pricing methods mentioned on the website pricing page. We are not bound to deliver the product unless full payment has been made. Also, the taxes will be paid by you if any is applied on the services required.

9. Discounts purely depend on the current date and that only ‘IF’ we are offering at that date.

10. With our refund policy, you can get the money back if you no longer want to work with us. This does not cover the bank transfer fees therefore we will not be responsible for these charges. The policy also applies if the order is not delivered according to the instructions provided or after the mentioned deadline.

“Breaching these terms and conditions can lead you to be banned from our website permanently or even worse”.