[Solution] User Account Tmasters Identified

[Solution] User Account Tmasters Identified

Securing the Database Environment

You have been hired as the DBA for Haphazard, Inc. You are asked to fulfill the following needs of the MySQL Database environment.

Users, roles, and privileges need to be added to the database. Identify the statements that would be used for creating the following users, roles, and privileges that match the following requirements:

  • Create a user account LMakena identified by the password DelKen75.
  • Grant LMakena the SELECT and UPDATE permissions on the table called clients.
  • Create a user account CRobertson identified by the password TreSal37.
  • Grant CRobertson the select and delete permissions on the table called clients.
  • Create a user account TMasters identified by the password 77FwdAsme.
  • Grant TMasters the select and insert permissions on the table called clients.
  • Create a role named Most_Privileged without a password.
  • Grant the Most_Privileged role the Update and Delete permissions on the clients table.
  • Add all users to the Most_Privileged role.

Please include the proper statements for each of the above items in your submission (as well as screenshots of adding these users, roles, and privileges to the MySQL database). Additionally, provide a 2-page essay answering the following prompt:What security suggestions would you provide to Haphazard, Inc. in terms of authentication and authorization? Explain what policies you would develop as well.

Your paper should be 4 pages in length, not including title and references pages, and conform to APA guidelines. Include at least three scholarly references.

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