[Solution] Study Within Current Workplace

[Solution] Study Within Current Workplace

I am a student in MBA ,(Managerial Finance,Marketing Management) are two subjects I should be able to apply knowledge and theory gained in their courses of study within current workplace Business Analyst with IT field

Each subject 500 words

Apa format and references

Managerial Finance

Concentration in Accounting (ACTG) ISLOs

Concentration in Entrepreneurship (ENTR) ISLOs

Concentration in Healthcare Administration (HCA) ISLOs

Concentration in Marketing (MKTG) ISLOs

Development of personal financial goals through the application of modern financeAbilities to apply modern finance and make personal financial decisionsDevelopment of the tools necessary to assess risk and return attendant to alternative forms of investment

Marketing Management

Knowledge of marketing models, concepts, environments, and Analytical skills which lead to effective strategic decision-making in solving marketing problems.Knowledge of how to develop marketing objectives and strategies which are consistent with an organization’s broader goals Ability to articulate clearly and communicate persuasively marketing objectives and strategies.Understanding of the ethical responsibility associated with marketing decision making.Communication, leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills

Why Is Marketing Management Important?



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