[Solution] Soviet Union Respond

[Solution] Soviet Union Respond

1. Define the Cold War. 

2. What were the two sides of the Cold War?

3. What is the Iron Curtain?

4. Define capitalist democracy.

5. Define communist dictatorship.

6. What is the Truman Doctrine?

7. What is the Marshall Plan?

8. Describe the Berlin Airlift.

9. What is NATO? How does the Soviet Union respond?

10. Describe the Korean War.

11. What was the outcome of the Korean War?

12. What is suburbanization?

13. What is the Red z scare and how did it impact American society?

14. How was Eisenhower’s approach to the Cold War different from Truman?

15. Describe the Space Race.

16. What was Kennedy’s domestic plan called?

17. What happened to Kennedy at the end of his presidency?

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