[Solution] Politicized Despite Rule 50

[Solution] Politicized Despite Rule 50

Select one of the topics below. Find one authoritative source on your selected topic and write a 500-word argumentative essay.

After receiving feedback on your 500-word essay, write a 1500-word argumentative essay on the same topic. Be sure to use a minimum of three authoritative sources for the 1500-word essay. Along with the 1500-word essay, include an annotated bibliography of two relevant scholarly sources that you’ve used in your essay.


There has been considerable debate over whether pay transparency – the public

disclosure of salaries and wages – may be a solution to closing gender, race, and/or class

disparities in the workforce. Should legislation force companies to disclose their

employees’ salaries?

Source for background reading: https://www.cbc.ca/radio/costofliving/wage


1.6311983#:~:text=Pay%20transparency%20is%20the%20practice,can%20actually%20lo wer%20your%20pay.


The Olympics have always been politicized despite Rule 50 which aims to keep the

Olympics neutral and free from politics and religion. The Olympics have become

synonymous with doping scandals, bribery and sexism and unfair treatment of poor

residents who are displaced to give way to new Olympic venues. Do the benefits of the

Olympics outweigh their societal and moral costs, or should the Olympics be cancelled?

Source for background reading: https://www.ctvnews.ca/sports/the-olympics-have always-been-political-a-timeline-1.5698672


Canada’s two official languages, English and French, are generally required for

individuals working at higher levels of government. The appointment of the new

Governor-General, Mary Simon, was unusual in that she is fluent in English and

Inuktitut. Proponents argue that Indigenous languages such as Inuktitut,

Anishinaabemowin, Nehiyaw, and others ought to be just as valued as English and

French. Should Canada’s requirement for fluency in the two official languages be

expanded to include an Indigenous language?

Source for background reading: https://theconversation.com/should-bilingualism-change in-canada-the-debate-over-gov-gen-mary-simon-164836

Each student will write research paper on one of the following topics. For each of the topic, a short paper (500 words) will be graded and returned to the student, providing an opportunity for the student to review the feedback and write a longer essay (1500 words) on the same topic.  Students will also be provided with written comments on their research papers. Students will also be required to submit short annotated bibliographies with their 1500 word papers.

N.B.  I need a 500 words essay on 22nd March between 2 pm.and 1500 words essay on the same topic as the 500 words essay.

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