[Solution] Least Three Different Types

[Solution] Least Three Different Types

 Title : College Student depression In this unit, you will conduct in-depth research into your topic, read your research sources, and compile them together, with your own commentary, into an annotated bibliography. Your annotated bibliography should have ten total sources with at least three different types (scholarly articles, City Resolution minutes, interviews, books, magazines, governmental websites, NGO reports, etc.).

These sources should include your preliminary sources (those included on the proposal) as well as those you have compiled subsequently.

For each source, you must include:

1) An APA-style reference entry, properly formatted according to the APA guide;

2) A brief, one-paragraph annotation that summarizes the source in one or two sentences and then notes how you plan to use it in your video podcast. These annotations should truly be brief – the goal here is to help you take stock of your sources and determine how you will use them, not to create an onerous assignment.

I need to citations for title 

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