[Solution] Lease 2 Variables Plus

[Solution] Lease 2 Variables Plus

Please see attached powerpoint for instruction.

A paper and powerpoint is needed for this assignment.

This is a three part project, part 1 and 2 have already been completed. I’ve attached part 2 (assignment 2)

Feedback for assignment 2 from professor:

(a) The following 2 statements only have one variable in each research question,

(b) the vulnerability to diabetes is an outcome and can’t be considered as your variable affecting diabetes.

(c) Which variable in the secondary dataset will be used to identify your SES?

(d) each research question needs at lease 2 variables plus the variable “year”

  1. To what extent does the ethnicity of the people of Bronx impact their vulnerability to diabetes?
  2. Is the social-economic status of the people of Bronx a contributing factor to their developing diabetes?

student can use the variable “insurance” to justify the relationship with SES.

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