[Solution] Business Network Systems Management

[Solution] Business Network Systems Management

Research paper abstract summary – The roles of the Network Administrators to detect malicious activity

Subject: Business Network Systems Management

Topic:  The roles of the Network Administrators to detect malicious activity

This topic must be very specific and CAN NOT BE too broad otherwise it will be returned back.

Add brief 1 paragraph an abstract summary (600-800 words) of what you would like to say about that topic (i.e., ) and add 2-3 reference on 2nd page.

Subject book used: The Practice of System and Network Administration, Volume 1 3rd edition.


OLD Topic: The Roles of System Administrator on Cyber Security

Professor Note: Topic is too broad. Please narrow down the topic and resubmit (-50). 

Topic is on an appropriate subject. A general discussion of what roles SAs can do on Cyber Security is much, much, much too broad to cover in 7-10 pages.

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