[Solution] 12 Font Time New

[Solution] 12 Font Time New

his week, you will submit a draft proposal. Using the approved healthcare organization and the information gathered, identify the capital budget item or items that will be used as the basis for the written capital budget proposal. You must include how the proposed recommendations reflect the big-picture view of healthcare. 

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:


Based on your analysis of the major forces, impact, and opportunities provided, consider the specific organization that your group has selected. What opportunities exist of the organization, and how do these opportunities relate to the big-picture of healthcare? 


What is the proposal for addressing identified issues or improvements within your organization? In other words, what changes are your trying to incorporate in your selected organization?   

The organization is Cryo-cell international, 5 pages double spaced, 12 font time new romans. Three scholarships references.

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