[Solution] 1 Long ‐ Term

[Solution] 1 Long ‐ Term


                                                            Care of Populations

Topic:  Access to Prenatal care for the women in Tomball, TX 

Note; please do only the part D of the guideline (Plan for Priority Diagnosis ‐ 10 points/10% ) in 2 to 3  PowerPoint slides

 Plan for Priority Diagnosis ‐ 10 points/10% 

• Includes a minimum of 1 short‐term and 1 long‐term goal for identified priority diagnosis.

 • Goals relate to the identified priority diagnosis. 

• Goals follow the SMART format: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timed.

 • Explains how the plan allows for client involvement. 

• Explains how the plan advances the knowledge of members of the community. 

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