Revitalizing a Brand

Revitalizing a Brand

The hospital has a marketing strategy that is based on customer service as one of the ways to promote the product or service. Having quality customer service is ideal in helping the facility establish a loyal customer base. This forms a strong foundation for the facility as it moves towards the attainment of the economies of scale. Plaza Home Health Services is one of the leaders in the delivery of health care services operating in Georgetown (Ahmad, 2016). The locality has slightly lower than 50000 people and the facility was established due to the opportunity in the health care service sector. One of the challenges that are evident when one looks at the establishment of the company is that they did not gave much capital, which means that the two founders had to compromise on the brand identity.

The business was able to grow fast in the early stages due to the company’s effort to emphasize on the quality of service offered to the consumers and the customer satisfaction. One of the major views of the founders is that by providing the employees with above average pay, and then they would be able to attract talented employees who would help in driving the company’s agenda forward. This provided a competitive advantage for the company. The company is not making attempts to not only upgrade but to also upgrade the company by revitalizing the services as it has received tremendous success in the recent past.

Marketing Communication and the identity of the brand

This entails the strategies used by the company in creating demand for its services through communication with the customers. One thing that is evident is that the communication of Plaza Home Health Services is still under development as the company is still young. This means that the company is still trying to establish a strong base as a competitive advantage. The reason for low communication strategies has been the lack of capital at the start. The company communicates through the provision of quality services to clients and employing competent employees. Plaza also communicates through business cards and also the word of mouth from the satisfied customers (Ahmad, 2016).

There is need for the company to rebrand and create a brand identity that is easily recognized and identified by the clients. One of the attempts made by the company is the introduction of a logo that reflects the values and the principles held dear by the company (Serrat, 2017). The aim of the logo is to ensure that customers can differentiate the company’s products from those of the other players in the locality. The brand identity is therefore communicated through the logo and the quality of service provided to the patients.

SWOT Analysis

One of the strengths of the company is that it has a strong brand image that is created by the experience of the owners and the employees. The owners and those hired to provide the services understand the needs and requirements of the patients. This promotes the company as one that is able to provide the necessary services to the clients. The other strength of the company is that it provides the patients with high quality care (Ahmad, 2016). The service is not only based on the character of the employees being compassionate but is also based on the use of updated technology, expertise by the nurses, and the use of knowledge. In particular, the company has a scheduling system that is used when assigning patients to physicians while also ensuring a quick customer service. The third strength of the company is that it has a larger market share as compared to the other companies (Serrat, 2017). The success of the company can be attributed to the high quality of service provided to the clients by the high skilled employees who are also provided with remuneration that is higher than the market average (Ahmad, 2016).

Weaknesses of the company include the underdeveloped communication system. The company also lacks something that can differentiate itself from the other competitors of the company. Lack of a logo that is attractive and reflecting a true brand value makes the company less attractive. The second weakness is that the company only hires individuals with only one common ground (Ahmad, 2016). This means that Plaza Home Health Service does not have diversity both in background as well as ideas. Research shows that company can improve the workforce productivity can be improved with the use of a diverse workforce (Firestone, Rowe, Modi, & Sievers, 2017).

In relation to opportunities, it is clear that the company can use better promotional strategies in order to not only increase its revenue but also increase the market share. For example, the company can use the vast media and other strategies to increase awareness among potential clients and ensure they know about the company’s brand image. The age of the hospital also means that people in the locality may not be aware of anything to do with any service offered by the company (Da Silva & Mazzon, 2016).

In regards to threats, it is clear that the company may lose a considerable amount of market share if the consumers are not satisfied with the changes that the company has made. The other risk is the one of losing revenue due to the increase in the number of caregivers due to the rising costs. Lack of brand identity means that the competitors are better placed (Serrat, 2017).

Importance of Benchmarking

Benchmarking means that that the company is enhancing its position by comparing its performance with the one from the competitors. It is though benchmarking that the company can develop activities that improve on the weaknesses (Da Silva & Mazzon, 2016). It will enable the company to come up with communication strategies that will enable the company to increase its market share through the use of strategies that reach a larger pool of potential customers. Comparing the company’s performance with that of the competitors allows Plaza Home Health Services to be able to establish a corporate identity of being a producer of high quality services to the consumers. For instance, a good logo would be helpful for the company as it would appeal to more customers. The Logo should also be designed in a way that it reaches to the target group. One of the ways is through the use of symbols alongside test and ensuring the use of well-outlined colors.

Branding and Communication in Similar Organizations

Communication and branding strategies are important in that they help the business in improving the gross margin and create a good platform to enhance profitability. It is important to compare the company with a similar organization that has aligned its services and communication strategies with its brand values and the services that it offers (Da Silva & Mazzon, 2016). Other organizations are able to incorporate communication and marketing strategies that give them a competitive advantage. Brand positioning in other companies makes it possible for them to reach more clients and have a competitive advantage. Communication is done with the use of social media platforms, promotional campaigns, and mass advertisement in order to promote brand awareness. Plaza Home Health Service can be able to gain more customers if it was to use social media platforms to engage with the local community.


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