Need help with my writing homework on Thy Will be Done. Write a 1500 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Thy Will be Done. Write a 1500 word paper answering; Dr. Stanley Miligram enlightens us on the subject of obedience and aggression in relation to the human mind and the way it works in such conditions. In this essay, we would be discussing the element of the demand for authority, in relation to how humans reciprocate and fulfill this demand. According to the studies of Dr. Stanley, authority is demanded by people in higher positions and obedience is expected without questioning the action that is demanded. He gives us an example to prove his statement by shedding light on military authority who demand obedience from their subordinates without question of whether the action executed is acceptable or not. People who join the military automatically fulfill the demands made by the authority because they are trained to observe obedience at all times. Those subordinates who are unwilling to fulfill authoritative demand are either punished or sent out. With regard to this aspect, leaders who exhibit firmness and decision of command possess the unquestionable right to exercise authority under any circumstance. Arguably, the individual bound by obedience may understand that the command is unreasonable, but however, he has no choice but to carry out the command. For example, a 1973 study by Krauss, Kaplan (Grossman, 143) investigating about the command to shoot on the battlefield explains that an individual who has no experience in combat may assume that if they were fired upon then it would be a critical factor for them to reciprocate the firing. However, on the other hand, veterans who have had a lot of battle experience know how crucial it is to just follow the authoritative commands of their leaders.&nbsp.


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