Need help with my writing homework on Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps. Write a 1500 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps. Write a 1500 word paper answering; As technology continues to advance, it becomes necessary for the Marines in combat to adopt rapid and flexible logistical capabilities that conform to the 21st-century battlefield.

Lessons learned during the Marine operations in Iraq and Desert Storm showed that deployable integrated technology is a very important thing that any warfighter should have (Fuentes, 2012). have is because systems, which were not able to communicate with each other created a lot of inconveniences as a result of too much order-fulfillment, lag tie-chocked pipelines, redundant ordering, and warfighter uncertainty as noted by Fuentes (2012). As a result, commanders in the battlefield were forced to make up for lack of information by accumulating stock supplies to cater for any eventuality that may befall them, which forced them to sacrifice part of their flexibility and agility needed to fight on a peculiar war. In this regard, carrying bulk inventory equated to a decline in combat power. As a result, it became necessary for the Marine to introduce the Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps (GCSS-MC), to improve Marines asset visibility, make lighter and more mobile fighting power as well as reduce customer wait time (Fuentes, 2012). In addition, the GCSS-MC program has been found to provide timely and accurate data, which allows for faster and better decision-making and therefore improves the effectiveness of combat. In addition, GCSS-MC is capable of going everywhere Marines go where it helps in providing marines with accurate and consistent information according to Levin (2009).

The GCSS-MC system is normally used to collect data pertaining to logistical chain management. This may include customer information, the inventory available for Marine at any given time, and other logistical support data that marines may be in need of while, in the battlefields.

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