Need an research paper on the little red roaster. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on the little red roaster. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Center of discussion in this paper is the Little Red Roaster that had been in business since 1994. Owned by Kendra Gordon Green, the company offered a menu of coffees, teas, gourmet beverages, breakfasts, light lunches and snacks. The company had been approached by other companies to diversify its operations into wholesaling and catering. There was also the option of selling the company. The LRR operated in a highly competitive market. Therefore the company could not afford to sit still. The company could expand into wholesaling or catering. The management could also sell the company. Given the fierce competition for market share in retail, the company’s core business, the future strategic direction would involve implementing one of these options. Gordon-Green had to make a decision fast about which option to pursue. The communication theory is relevant in this business situation because of the distribution and logistics issues to be considered. The company would require a well-designed communication system in either wholesale or catering. The company’s goal is to maintain net profit at 4.56% of sales. In reaching this goal, the company had three action alternatives. Gordon-Green could sell the company. The LRR could diversify into wholesale. The company could expand the catering capacity. In implementing either option of wholesaling or catering, the company would incur additional costs. In implementing the wholesaling strategy, the LRR should outsource distribution and logistics to D&amp.C.

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