Need an research paper on islam judaism and christanity. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on islam judaism and christanity. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. One God rules. Life is meant to be fair, and just rules are supposed to describe what is ordinary, all in the name of that one and only God. So in monotheism, a simple logic governs to limit ways of making sense of things. But that logic contains its own dialectics. If one true God has done everything, then, since he is God all-powerful and omniscient, all things are credited to and blamed on him. In that case, he can be either good or bad, just or unjust but not both. Within that framework, the three monotheisms pursue their distinctive expressions of the common faith in the one and only God, just and merciful, who created the world and made himself known through men of his choice and words of his own selection.&nbsp.

Judaism and Islam concur that culture and society cohere with religion, so there is no distinction between secularity and religiosity, state and church such as Christianity from Constantine’s time forward contemplated. They, in particular, sustain comparison because they are sufficiently congruent in basic, indicative traits for the exercise to yield revealing contrast: alike, and then not alike, in that order. Both are religions of law, both monotheisms conceive of God in the same terms, both place heavy stress upon the formation of a society that conforms to God’s will, expressed in verbal revelation having to do with social norms, and both set forth through jurisprudence an elaborate and articulated message.

Different from all other religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam share a common belief in one, unique God, creator of heaven and earth, whose self-manifestation is achieved through particular prophets, beginning with Moses, continuing, for Christianity and Islam, with Jesus, and ending, for Islam, with Muhammad. So far as Judaism is the religion of the written Torah, Christianity tells the story of Judaism within its own narrative, and Islam takes account of the stories of both Judaism and Christianity. For its part, Judaism in the confrontation with triumphant Christianity and Islam had to take account of the claim of the newcomers to worship the one and only God who made Himself known to holy Israel at Sinai.

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