Mother Culture, or Only a Sister

The article chosen for this assignment is from the URL The article is titled “Mother Culture, or Only a Sister?” was written by John Noble Wilford. This website is credible because it highlights the author of the article. Wilford is a renowned scientific contributor and journalist at the New York Times. The company is a reputable company in journalism and mass communication. Therefore, this website is a credible source on the topic under review.

Several similarities exist between the information presented in this article and the information contained in the first chapter about the ancient Olmec tribe of Mesoamerica. Firstly, both articles highlight the fact that the Olmec tribe was involved in agriculture. Both articles show that the Olmec tribe planted corn and maize for their food. Secondly, the two sources also indicate that the Olmec tribe was polytheistic. The major difference between the two articles is the fact that the article in New York Times largely emphasizes on the impact of the Olmec culture on the rest of the Mesoamerican culture of that time and subsequent culture while chapter one does not highlight any such impact (Wilford). The most interesting finding from the website is the fact that the Olmec were the origin of civilization in America. It is interesting to note that the current American civilization traces its roots from a small tribe in Mesoamerica.

From the two articles about the Olmec tribes, I would expect them to resist any inversion from outsiders. First, this ancient tribe had a strong religious foundation. Their religious beliefs about their God were so strong that it inspired them to exploit knowing that they are protected (Wilford). Therefore, an introduction of a foreign religion would be highly resisted. Moreover, the fact that their God demanded blood sacrifices from enemies would lead them to treat any intruder as an enemy and hence fight them.

Work Cited

Wilford, John Noble. “Mother Culture, or Only a Sister?” The New York Times. 16 Mar. 2005,

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