Job costing entails _____________________. (Points : 1)tracking the costs of an employment searchdev

Job costing entails _____________________. (Points : 1)tracking the costs of an employment searchdevelopment of a tracking system to match costs to jobsestimating the price of raw materials that may be needed to complete a customer jobnone of the items listed here0-695627990MultipleChoice1Question 2. 2. Job costing __________________________. (Points : 1)is only used when manufacturing a productcannot be used for a service business since no product is createdcan be utilized in a variety of business typescannot be utilized when manufacturing a product0-695627989MultipleChoice2Question 3. 3. Which of the following would typically use a process costing system? (Points : 1)More than one of these listed.PaintGlassCustom built home0-695627988MultipleChoice3Question 4. 4. The Equivalent units concept general applies to ___________________. (Points :1)job order costingprocess costingABC costingnone of the items listed here0-695627987MultipleChoice4Question 5. 5. ABC is a costing model that _______________________. (Points : 1)is simple and inexpensive to useis rarely used because it is not very accurateis not really a costing modelis not accepted by GAAP0-695627986MultipleChoice5Question 6. 6. Mixed costs ____________________________________. (Points : 1)are costs that are all mixed uphave both a variable and a fixed componentare not impacted by volume fluctuationsare not defined in any of these responses0-695627985MultipleChoice6Question 7. 7. A technique used to estimate the fixed and variable components of a mixed cost is____________. (Points : 1)high-low methodregression analysisis not represented hererepresented by more than one of the solutions listed here0-695627984MultipleChoice7Question 8. 8. Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis ________________________. (Points : 1)gives management the same information as the income statementis helpful in assessing the relationships between costs, business volume, andprofitabilityis an essential tool used by investors to make investment decisionscan only be interpreted by a master accountant0-695627983MultipleChoice8Question 9. 9. Contribution margin _____________________________________. (Points : 1)is equal to net incomeequals variable expenses minus fixed expenseis the next available dollar of income after all fixed costs are coveredequals revenues minus variable expenses0-695627982MultipleChoice9Question 10. 10. Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis _____________________________. (Points : 1)can be utilized to find the firms breakeven point in unitsis only concerned with variable costsis only concerned with fixed costsis not represented by any of the answers listed here

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