In Defense of Food

Detailed analysis of the author’s opinion Please describe what you learned from the book (as the author presented it)  Michael Pollan’s book on “In Defense of Food” looks at answering questions that arose in his previous book, “The Omnivore’s Dilemma,” that touched on the different levels of food found in the industrialized Western diet. The book describes the foods as hell and thus, his book on “In Defense of Food,” enlightens American readers on what they are supposed to eat without harming their bodies or predisposing themselves to preventable diseases. Today, Americans are exposed to high quantities of processed foods and grains that are refined that have resulted in an increase in cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. Poor eating habits have led to increasing of diseases because people are looking at making money using various chemicals that raise animals and plants (Pollan 10). Pollan contends that with the narrowing down of biological diversity, the human diet is now seen as a tiny handful that looks at staple crops such as soy, corn, and wheat. These foods have high intakes of calories and are what have enabled food industries and businesses to flourish even more due to their ability to add value to raw ingredients (Pollan 20). The author has blamed all this on the government because it looks at its political motivation and the standards driving industries. Furthermore, journalists continue to drive more and more people to consume processed foods through their heralds by advertising such products. As such, Pollan insists on people eating foods that their grandparents would recognize.
Analysis of your own previous opinion What was your previous view/understanding/opinion on the subject?  In my understanding, the body would break down all this food, but that is not the case as presented by Pollan. Thus, eating healthy foods is critical when it comes to combating catastrophic diseases. Diabetes, cancer, and heart disease are the most chronic illnesses that continue to plague America. People should strive to eat clean food because any other option introduces dangerous substances to the body. This results in weakened immunity followed by lifestyle diseases.  
How the book changed your opinion/views Explain how the author did/or did not convince you about his point of view. Was this new information enough to change how you relate to the subject? Why or why not?The misguided food science that has been presented in today’s food culture has enabled this descent to continue. It is through such beliefs that Pollan tries to educate people on the importance of avoiding products making health claims. He asserts that it is important for shoppers to consider buying foods from farmers market rather than those in the grocery. From this perspective, Pollan helps me to recognize the importance of enjoying meal times as a family. Pollan also has taught me the importance of eating leaves from plants because of their added nutritional value. As such, plants need to be planted in gardens, and this will culminate down to spending a little more and eating a little less (Pollan 120).

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