I need some assistance with these assignment. a legal case against zen Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. a legal case against zen Thank you in advance for the help! In Morguard Residential Inc. v. Adams, 2005 ABPC 27, the legal case existing between the landlord and the tenant was dismissed because the tenant’s agreement was verbal and judged inconclusively. Therefore, the following are possible assumptions about how Gigi could recover the sum of $4 million spent on development plans. Firstly, she could discuss amicably with Mr. Zen and discovered if he decides to lease the place to another satisfactory tenant because of better offers. Gigi could agree to increase how much she has previously agreed to pay for the place. Secondly, Gigi may go ahead to sell her development plans to Mr. Zen in case he has made up his mind to establish a similar business at the place and has prevented to let Gigi in to avoid a stiff competition. Thirdly, she could look for an entirely new businessperson who may be interested in her development plans and offer to repay the whole amount spent on the projects. Fourthly, Gigi could discuss with all the parties involved in the development plans and request for a reduction in the project cost in order to minimize her overall losses if she couldn’t find a ready businessperson that wants to take over her development plans.

Patton doesn’t have any legal remedy against Dennis in as much as the formal, written contract stipulates a specific delivery date. This contractual statement overrides any verbal agreement the two of them might have entered into. No matter how much Patton is going to lose, he hardly could drag this case to the court and win it because Dennis has got a legal binder, in the form of the written contract, which the court would concentrate their proceedings on.

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