HW 2

Read the excerpt, pp. 59-66, in Maylei Blackwell’s essay “Contested Histories:Las Hijas de Cuauhtemoc” Ch. 2 in the book Chicana Feminisms. It is posted here on Moodle.

1.) What’s your gut reaction to this reading?

2.) Give at least three examples of how activist Chicanas were treated by Chicano men at Cal State Long Beach UMAS and MEChA to try to undermine their leadership.  

3.) The article argues that Chicanas responded to sexist treament by publishing their own newspapers. Name three of the publications and the women who published them.




The following three readings were written by Chicanas during the Chicano movement promoting the rights they believed Chicanas should have.  They are available as a single PDF here on Moodle.

1.) Mirta Vidal, “New Voice of La Raza,” pp. 21-24  Vidal gives a succinct overview of current Chicana activism (in 1971), an analysis of Chicana oppression and a critique of the resistance Chicanas faced. 
A.) Gut reaction 
B.) Vidal portrays a positive picture of Chicana women’s activism. Give at least one example of what motivated this activism. What is her analysis of the sources of Chicanas’ oppression?

 2.)Bernice Rincon, “La Chicana” (pp. 24-28). Rincon, also writing in 1971, gives a scathing critique of the traditionally negative views in Mexican culture.

A.) Gut reaction, including if you relate to this or have observed these male-female roles in your family.

B.) Explain her critique of family roles and of la mala/bad woman.

C.) What is the liberating vision she offers for Chicanas’ roles?

3.)Anna Nieto-Gomez’s article “Chicana Feminism,” (pp. 52-57). The two previous articles advocate passionately for a liberated role for Chicanas, but never use the word feminist. In contrast, writing in 1976, Nieto-Gomez directly advocates for this identity.

1.) Gut reaction

2.) What are the issues that she says make up a Chicana Feminist agenda?

3.) Name one of the role models she identifies and explain who she was.


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