Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Evaluation of the Divine Augustus. This research tells that according to deeds of the divine Augustus, Augustus has accomplished so many great things since he was young. He tries to pass the message of what he was able to accomplish and conquer and give the reader a chance to know him long after this. He paints the picture of how he transforms his society. reconstruct it and how he helps to change it. The reader is given a chance to evaluate him according to the deeds of Augustus. The section below looks at his accomplishments and his deeds. Augustus talks a lot about how generous he is. Generosity calls for one to understand and meet other people’s needs before his desires. Augustus finds himself in a situation he wields much authority and power. He has a lot of wealth with him which he had acquired at an early age. He is generous because at one time he gives much of his wealth to his people. A case in point is the time he gave out Plebs three hundred sesterces at one time and also counted a gift of four hundred sesterces at another time. Augustus views himself as a leader who brought glory to his land. He claims that his glory came after struggles. Augustus tries to do a lot of things in a different manner, trying to lay strategies that would make him a different person from the others. This goes on for a while and the struggle continues. Augustus brings glory to his Res Publica by conquering whatever had not been conquered previously. The self-proclaimed great leader acclaims the honor of battlefields in his era. He also claims patronage to the decree of Senate to leaders. Leaders of all kinds wanted to show themselves as possessors of unique capabilities. Battles came and went and Augustus together with his predecessors had chances to prove their worth. Augustus in his reign had so many battles that challenged him and his authority. The honor was given to Augustus for winning several battles and achieving what the other leaders had not achieved. Show more

Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Positive Benefits of legalization of Cannabis. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. As such, there is much controversy as people are urged to stay away from the drug. I believe that cannabis’s negative effects have been exaggerated because of those who abuse it. However, nobody cares to mention its medicinal users under a prescription. I also feel there are other more dangerous drugs that are legal yet they cause deaths. Over 2000 lives are claimed by aspirin annually, but aspirin is a legal drug but cannabis has not claimed a single life, yet it is denied legal status. I believe that legalization of cannabis will revolutionize medicine and economic status of many people which will then impact on the overall economy.

The sources reviewed in this research were sourced from peer-reviewed journals and credible publications which have the authority and expertise to offer reliable information about cannabis. The research process includes the selection of the sources to use based on the criteria of currency, relevancy and demonstrated the positive benefits of cannabis. My audience group is a university group whose members are neutral and uninformed about the topic. As such, this research seeks to review sources which are very informative and credible. The review of the sources in this research should support my thesis that legalization of cannabis will revolutionize medicine and economic status of many people which will then impact on the overall economy. To achieve this, my research seeks to avail evidence and examples which support that there are many benefits of cannabis and therefore, it should be legalized.

Marijuana has attracted massive controversy throughout history. The debate centers on marijuana being a very addictive drug which is very dangerous. However, research has proved that marijuana has the potential of relieving pain, treatment of glaucoma and prevention of vomiting. Science has also proven that the field of medicine has been awed by the many health benefits of the drug. The legalization of marijuana is still pending as the American&nbsp.justice system remains undecided about the fate of the drug.

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