help me with the ones i got wrong please Multiple-step income statement and balance sheet The follow

help me with the ones i got wrong please Multiple-step income statement and balance sheet The following selected accounts and their current balances appear in the ledger of Kanpur Co. for the fiscal year ended June 30, 20Y7: Cash $118,100 Retained Earnings $520,600 Accounts Receivable 317,700 Dividends 70,700 Inventory 359,000 Sales 4,326,000 Estimated Returns Inventory 5,000 Cost of Goods Sold 2,502,200 Office Supplies 11,100 Sales Salaries Expense 703,600 Prepaid Insurance 8,600 Advertising Expense 193,500 Office Equipment 259,900 Depreciation Expense— Store Equipment 37,700 Accumulated Depreciation— Office Equipment 176,600 Miscellaneous Selling Expense 16,500 Store Equipment 811,300 Office Salaries Expense 384,100 Accumulated Depreciation— Store Equipment 259,900 Rent Expense 56,700 Accounts Payable 179,900 Depreciation Expense— Office Equipment 28,400 Customer Refunds Payable 10,000 Insurance Expense 17,600 Salaries Payable 11,500 Office Supplies Expense 10,400 Note Payable (final payment due 2024) 377,500 Miscellaneous Administrative Exp. 7,500 Common Stock 69,100 Interest Expense 11,500 Required: 1. Prepare a multiple-step income statement.
Assignment ssign ments&takeAssignment Session Locator= assignment-take&inprogress-false eBook Calculator Print Item Total property, plant, and equipment 634,700 Total assets 1,454,200 Liabilities Current liabilities: Accounts payable 179,900 Salaries payable v 11,500 Customer refunds payable 10,000 Note payable (current portioh) 201,400 X Total current liabilities Long-term liabilities: 377,500 X Note payable (fong-term portion) 578,900 Total liabilities Stockholders' equity 69,100 Common stock 806,200 Retained earnings 875,300 Total stockholders' equity 1,454,200 Total liabilities and stockholders' equity Previe

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