Harmon v. Ogden City Corporation

Harmon v. Ogden City Corporation

Based on the Harmon v. Ogden City Corporation case, it was appropriate for the Commission to terminate Harmon based on his dishonest actions. The Commission also correctly established the termination of Hermon because it protected his constitutional rights despite his dishonest conduct. Additionally, the court also had evidence of the cases and dishonest allegations stated towards Harmon. In this case, Harmon’s rights were not violated because both the court and Commission were able to use the code stated in the act of the honesty issue of New Jersey (Court of Appeals of Utah, 2007).

Most departments have the policies that govern and protect the rights of speech of the employees. The policies play the role of protecting the employees and addressing the off-duty activities. Just like Harmon’s case, departments have policies that protect employees on their off-duty activities. However, when an employee ends up violating the rights of other people, then the department will end up taking legal actions on the misconduct. The department in charge should offer training, which will show punishments that will help address the impacts off-duty activities. Through the training, individuals will be aware of the consequences brought upon their misconduct while they are out on off-duty activities (Bennet, 2017). In this case, the training will highlight the responsibilities and job duties of the employees when undertaking any off-duty activities. Failure to meet the company values, policies and regulations will result in employees facing disciplinary actions.      

Overall, the above testing does not have a disparate impact on the issues concerning sex and age. Normally, most of the off-duty activities are punishable by the government policies, which still protects the right of the employees. In other words, the policies do not discriminate employees based on their race, age, and ethnicity.


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