For KOLL- discussion board question- 1 page or more

here is the discussion board question , seems as though there is the links needed to answer it I don’t think the PDFS are needed but let me know through email as I’m at work if thereis info needed to answer this one. But I think you can start this one, I am pricing this for 25 as I need the reflected two answers from others as last time (paragraph each as you did last time was perfect)( I’ll include them in this document but please don’t go off of what they say- they can be wrong and it’s just a reflrcted answer NOT agreeing or disagreeing- I’ll send you with the PDFS the instructions as I did last time for the reflecting of others posts for directions again. 



Some People say that biblical law is archaic and irrelevant to our day.  Please discuss the relevance/irrelevance of biblical law in our time In light of the following articles:  See also this article from the Columbia University’sSpectator.  Make sure to comment especially on issues concerning homosexuality, capital punishment, and incest. 


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