devry proj587 week 3 discussion dq 1& dq 2 latest 2016 july

dq 1PM, PgM, and PPM (graded)Project management, program management, and project portfolio management all sound alike. They are different names for possibly the same thing. These are very different topics. Compare and contrast project management, program management, and project portfolio management.dq 2Project Cost (graded)Whether you are a project manager or a program manager, you will be concerned with project cost. Below is a list of terms that you would see and use when working with project cost. Choose only one, explain it, and give some examples of how it works.Planned Value (PV)Variance At Completion (VAC)Actual Cost (AC)Probability (P)Earned Value (EV)Impact (I)Budget at Completion (BAC)Expected Monetary Value (EMV)Cost Variance (CV)Expected Activity Duration (EAD)Schedule Variance (SV)Standard Deviation (SD)Cost Performance Index (CPI)Late Start, Early Start, Late Finish, Early Finish (LS, ES, LF, EF)Schedule Performance Index (SPI)Point of Total Assumption (PTA)Estimate at Completion (EAC)To Complete Performance Index [TCPI]Estimate to Complete (ETC)To Complete Performance Index [TCPI]

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