Data Science & Big Data Analytics-Case Study


• Select your case study organization that is using complex data systems and need

your help as a data scientist to advise them on data analysis issues and


• Explain the company overview, products/services, and their data management


• Identify the problem the organization is having and draft a problem statement to

drive your research paper.

• Research and identify five clustering algorithms. Compare and contrast the identified

five clustering algorithms.

• Recommend a clustering algorithm to your chosen organization with justification to

support your selection.

• Select four object attributes (for example, age, income, etc.) to use in the cluster

analysis of the organization complex data. It is important to understand what

attributes will be known at the time a new object will be assigned to a cluster. For

example, information on existing customers’ satisfaction or purchase frequency may

be available.


• About 5-7 pages. Maximum allowed submission is two.

• Follow standard APA guidelines, including an abstract, conclusion, and a reference

page with a minimum of three references.

• Include a cover page that should contain the following: Title, Student’s name,

University’s name, Course name, Course number, Professor’s name, and Date.

• Clickable auto-generated Table of Content is required


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