CS Discussion week 1


Discussion 1:


“Social Information Technology (IT) and Business Frameworks”  Please respond to the following:

Consider collaboration as one of the social IT categories in which Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, and Twitter are used to extend the reach of stakeholders and employees. Determine at least three business functions that could be used by this social IT. Predict possible problems that you foresee.The Leavitt Business Diamond framework consists of four crucial components. Suppose we added an IS / IT component that sits in the middle of the diamond, thus creating a variation of the framework. Examine five relationships that the IS / IT components could facilitate between the other four components. Determine which relationship would be the strongest and which one would be the weakest. Support your reasoning.


Discussion 2:


“Resources Frameworks and Plenitude”  Please respond to the following: One might argue that value is not always realized when using resource-based view  (RBV)  framework,  especially when considering the IT infrastructure and Information Repository.  Determine whether you agree or disagree with this viewpoint.  Provide three examples to support your position. From the video this week, determine five other IT resources within an organization that could be modeled in quantifiable terms that show value  (i.e. ,  software) .  Propose a model for one of the resources.


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