Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses importance of public relations in management communication.

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses importance of public relations in management communication. A critique of some of the PR practices in vogue which are transgression on the ethical boundaries has been elaborated in the paper. The importance and requirement of PR have increased with the changing times, some suggestions are given in the conclusion in due consideration to this increased need for PR in communicating a managements aims and goals. Public relation (PR) is a way for companies and organizations or people to develop their reputations. It is also a method of communicating information within the company to the employees, keeping them motivated and directed towards the goals of the management. The PR personnel uses different tactics to accomplish this task. Management communication is a field that is used for the systematic planning and implementation, and also the monitoring and revision, of all the channels of communication used within an organization and between organizations. It also includes the distribution of new communication directives connected with a communications technology, organization or a network. Important aspects of communications management are developing corporate communication strategies and designing internal and external communications directives. One important role it plays is that of managing the flow of information, which includes online communication. The advancement in technology requires the communication management personnel to use innovation in their techniques. We live in a very competitive world where only the fittest can survive. The organizations and corporations are constantly looking to outwit their rivals by introducing efficiency to their systems. The workforce is the most important aspect of a company and the PR department uses various techniques to keep the workforce happy and free of grievances.

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