We would like to appreciate your support as our loyal customer over the years. We treasure your role as one of our stakeholders in our organization, which always drives us to adopt strategies that will bolster your satisfaction while using our services. Our company is seeking to undertake cloud migration as part of enhancing our service delivery to you. Remaining competitive and offering quality services at minimal costs is very important as we also seek to relevant in the data industry.

With our proposed migration, we are hoping that you will enjoy various services once the process is complete. First, our services will improve immensely in terms of variety, simplicity, efficiency, speed, and reliability. Initially, we had to handle bulk information, which required a lot of engagement with the hardware and other technical matters arising from hardware and software management. Now, Amazon cloud provider will shoulder a higher percentage of the hardware burden and assist with some software technicalities through its Infrastructure as a Service. This will offset the burden of management.

Products from our retail company will just be a touch or a press away from you. Through the Amazon cloud platform, the company will be able to respond to your needs efficiently and in time. Payment will be simplified and secure. Moreover, we project that you will have a faster platform to air their concerns with the management among other benefits (Ahmad et al., 2015). The company will acquire simple developed applications from Amazon Web Services so that you can become the greatest beneficiary. This application will contain all the services and goods available at our posts and the location of our branches. As a company, we believe that cloud migrations will double our performance all we must incorporate all our stakeholders, ad out customers in particular.


We also expect that your satisfaction will improve following the cloud migration to 70% from the initial 50% satisfaction. An improvement of 20% will be a good indication that as a company we are progressing towards globalizing our company. Therefore, an increase in customer satisfaction will help in marketing the business to new clients because you will have liked how we serve you.


Our company is aware that you might be scared that our migration process might disrupt our services to you. However, I would like to assure you that we have adopted relevant mitigation strategies to avert such an eventuality. We also hope that you will not be discouraged to use our services in case of a possible price increase. Rest assured that this step would enhance our ability to deliver quality services to you as you desire. Although this migration will not be a smooth event for the customers, out technical team will always be available to help from any technical hitches and other unavoidable unintended mistakes (Gentry, 2012).

We are optimistic that your support in moving with out to our new platform will open a new avenue to enable us to serve you better. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any concerns before our migration process begins.



Ahmad, R. W. et al., 2015). A survey on virtual machine migration and server consolidation frameworks for cloud data centers. Journal of Network and Computer Applications, vol. 52: 11-25.

Gentry, J. (2012). Five Major Challenges in a Data Center Migration (Part Ii). Retrieved May 11, 2018 from

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