BUSINESS MBA- A study conducted at ANU finds that a typical office worker spends an average

1. A study conducted at ANU finds that a typical office worker spends an average of 13 minutes per hour on non work related activities such as face book. On a trial basis, management sets up a new enclosed work station for a randomly selected group of 12 workers and finds that the average number of minutes lost per hour is 11.3 with a standard deviation of 3.7. At the 5% level of significance, can we conclude that the work station represents a significant change? (3 marks)2. Five hundred graduates were cross classified by socio-economic group and the presence or absence of a certain skill gap. The results were as shown below.Socio- economic groupSkill GapUpperUpper middleLower middleLowerPresent8243227Absent42121138108Are the data compatible with the hypothesis that skill gap is unrelated to socio-economic status of the graduates at ? = 0.10? (5 marks)3. The following are the sales revenues (in millions of shillings) generated by four salesmen situated in four different regions of a country.Region ARegion BRegion CRegion D13121889111210129161216146815487Perform a one way analysis of variance at ? = 0.05 to confirm whether salesman location influences the amount of revenues generated. (5 marks)4. The responses from a group of religious leaders on an item of Likert’s attitude scale were recorded as follows:Strongly disagreedisagreeUndecidedAgreeStrongly agreeTotalChristian1218481254Muslim48221081098Hindu10412101248Total7044262634200At 1% level of significance, do the data indicate that the opinions expressed are independent of the religion professed by the respondents? (5 marks)5. a) The following data were collected from two separate groups of 144 menand 175 women on an attitude scale.MeanSDMEN19.76.08WOMEN21.04.89i. Test the significance of the difference between the mean of the two groups at the 0.05 level of significance.ii. In your own words, what does the result of the experiment say? ( 5 marks)b) On the daily run of an express bus, the average number of passengers is 48 with a variance of 9. Assuming that the variable is normally distributed, find the probability that the bus will have:i. Between 36 and 40 passengersii. Fewer than 42 passengersiii. More than 45 passengersiv. Between 46 and 54 passengers (8 marks)

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