Book Report

An argument can become stronger if those involved in those arguments follow certain rules. In most cases, it is important to identify premises and conclusion with the premises being in support of the conclusion. The argument should also be developed in a natural order where the person developing the argument starts with the conclusion first and then gives reasons for the said conclusion. The other rule is the use of reliable premises in order to make the conclusions stronger. The argument should also be concrete and concise, which means that one avoids general terms. Actual reasons should be developed by avoiding biasness because of using emotionally charged words or opinions. This makes sure that the individual builds on substance and not his or her opinions that have no base.

Maximizing welfare should be the main interest of the government when it comes to development of government policies. The welfare of the citizens or represented parties should be the main agenda for which the governments come to power. This is because it is the expectation of the citizens that the government will act in their best interests. For example, if the government is developing a tax policy, it is expected that the policy will have the interests of the citizens at heart and develop a policy that will not increase the taxes beyond the limits of most citizens. The same case applies to healthcare and other areas that require the intervention of the government. Promoting welfare means ensuring that the citizens have the basic physical as well as the material well-being. This contributes to their happiness and health as well. Having a healthy and happy population increases the prospects of development. People are able to work and invest more in a country where their well-being is assured.

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