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[Solution] Selected Health Plan Prevention

[Solution] Selected Health Plan Prevention  In 400 to 500 words, address the following: 1. Research a prevention program from a health plan. (You may use your own health insurance plan for your response.) 2. Criticize the selected health plan prevention program using TABLE 13-1 Components of a Strong Health Plan Prevention Program as the guideline. […]

[Solution] “ Best Practices ”

[Solution] “ Best Practices ” Conflict Doc Identify a recent interpersonal, group, or organizational conflict that you were involved in and was later resolved. Select five of the topics listed below and discuss how they apply to your chosen conflict.  You must use a minimum of five resources to help support your discussion of these […]

[Solution] “ Writing Learning Objectives

[Solution] “ Writing Learning Objectives I need the following questions answered in 150 words each. S.M.A.R.T. Learning Objectives One of the aspects we will cover during this week’s discussion is writing/developing learning objectives. This is a vital initial step to complete during the planning and design phase of developing a training program. Once you have […]

[Solution] Next Field Education Experience

[Solution] Next Field Education Experience Assignment 2: Mid-Term Evaluation and Self-Assessment Prior to your field education experience, you completed an agency learning agreement that outlined potential goals and objectives related to social work practice skills that you sought to acquire during this course. Like a contract, your agency learning agreement also provided your field instructor […]

[Solution] Jamie Lee Jackson ’

[Solution] Jamie Lee Jackson ’ Financial Portfolio Project: Part 4 Assessment Description The purpose of this assignment is to determine how different credit scores will impact a purchase. Think about how Jamie Lee Jackson’s scenario, located in Connect, applies to your daily life. Try a website such as bankrate.com or other similar websites to view […]

[Solution] Following Key Elements Counseling

[Solution] Following Key Elements Counseling 1,750- to 2,100 w0rds demonstrating your analytical and written communication skills.  Include the following key elements Counseling Program and Degree Explain your reasons for seeking a counseling degree. What do you hope to achieve in this program? Ensure your reasons are rational and well thought out. Explain why you feel […]

[Solution] Least Three Academic Sources

[Solution] Least Three Academic Sources TOPIC: Planning for Training Session This assignment will provide the structure for the actual objectives, assessments, and instructional experiences and materials you will fully develop later in the course. Based on the findings from your needs assessment, in 750- 1000 words total, do the following: Explain how you will go […]

[Solution] Tentative Treatment Plan Utilizing

[Solution] Tentative Treatment Plan Utilizing Movie  Do a short synopsis of the movie Give an initial diagnosis for this character in the movie Then you must list what diagnoses one would need to rule out as one continues to work with this character as a client. Then you must provide a tentative treatment plan utilizing […]

[Solution] Identify Potential Treatment Goals

[Solution] Identify Potential Treatment Goals 1250 words For this assignment, you will revisit The Case of Marie, which you  can complete using the link in the Resources. You will assess the needs  of all relevant family members and work out treatment goals that will  best provide a positive outcome for the entire group. Use your […]

[Solution] Three Group Dynamic Categories

[Solution] Three Group Dynamic Categories 250 words Complete The Case of Marie multimedia presentation and identify  Marie’s relevant family members in relation to the case study. The identified family members will be the focus of your assignment for this unit. What issues do the family members need to deal with? How do the  family members […]