Art history II

1 Page typed in MLA format


This paper is about answering 5 question (3 sentences each) about an art piece. This art piece is “Kametaro Matsumoto” puzzle. see attachments for a pic and information about this art piece. 



you should answer the following questions: 


1- What is the title of the art work? who is the artist? what is the date of production?

2- Describe the subject matter of the art work. What is it about?

3- Describe and discuss ONLY TWO ELEMENTS and principles of design, such as line, light, space, within the art work. 

4- How does the art work make you feel ?

5- How does the art work relate to other ideas or events in the world and your studies?



Please follow this format in this paper:


      question #. Question

         Museum : 

                   brief answer ( 3 sentences) 


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