Application Essay

I would like to request to be allowed to take the Production and Service Systems ISE 4810 course in the fall semester of 2018 together with the Optimization Methods ISE 4711, which is a prerequisite of the former. I have prepared myself to bear the responsibility of ensuring that I succeed while taking the two courses. With my strategy, I will be able to graduate in spring 2019 instead of waiting for two more semesters. It will be extremely expensive for me as an international student to wait for another two semesters when I will not have any other class to complete while waiting to graduate.

As preparation for the courses, I have conducted some research and continuing with the process of gathering information that will enhance my success in the course. I am currently learning about people scheduling, production planning, inventory, waiting time, and working in the process. These concepts are ideal for fulfilling the course objectives. One of the objectives that I plan to fulfill in the course includes gaining a profound understanding and appreciation of the different resource allocation and coordination issues that face the management of behavior and performance in different classes. I also plan on understanding and appreciating the role that simulation plays in the study of the considered systems. I also intend to enhance my expertise on the various ways of controlling performance both in production and service systems.

I believe in hard work and dedication as essential elements in educational success. For this reason, I humbly request an opportunity to study the two courses concurrently to enable me save time and resources to research how to improve on what I have learned in my program. I plan to grab the opportunity with both hands and continue with my research process in the course to ensure that I succeed.

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