Annual-plan control requires making sure the company

Need Help with my last final.Annual-plan control requires making sure the company isn’t overspending to achieve sales goals. The key ratio to watch is ___________.stock turnovermarketing expense-to-salescash flow return on investmentgross marginThe recent joint ventures formed by BP with Russian and Indian partners showed the importance of the ________ segment of the general environment that BP and other integrated oil firms have to manage when contending with scarce resources.physicaldemographicglobalpolitical/legalMany consumers are willing to pay $100 for a perfume that contains $10 worth of scent because the perfume is from a well-known brand. What kind of pricing is the company depending on?image pricingmarket-skimming pricingtarget pricinggoing-rate pricingHilton Hotels customizes rooms and lobbies according to location. Northeastern hotels are sleeker and more cosmopolitan. Southwestern hotels are more rustic. This is an example of ________ segmentation.psychographicgeographicdemographicbehavioral

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