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Affirmation Action Research

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HRMT 602 Employment Law and Labor Relations

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November 25, 2018

Research on Legal Articles and Cases

Peer-Reviewed Articles for Discussion

Fernandes, L., & Alsaeed, N. (2014). African Americans and workplace discrimination. European Journal of English Language and Literature Studies, 2(2), 56-76.

Fernandes & Alsaeed (2014) present two arguments regarding affirmative action. It presents affirmative action as a concept that receives different emotions from different people. People look at affirmative action as a euphemism. Those who support it perceive it as being an enlightened imperative for the achievement of social justice. Sometimes, people may view it as being accusatory and overheated. Affirmative action looks at inequality and injustice and ways to eliminate them. Affirmative action ensures the elimination of stranglehold regarding social discrimination. Affirmative action revolves around the aspect of considering race in decision making, mostly in areas focusing on employment. Everyone should view affirmative action as a voluntary approach. Its implementation in the professional environment depends on the employers’ good will. They can choose the aspect of either considering racial discrimination or racial equality in the hiring and promotion process. This creates questions relating to making it mandatory.

Most freedoms associated with affirmative action involve doing good deeds. However, the implementation of affirmative action possesses its limits. The main reason is that affirmative action plans lead to the unfair penalization of unprotected employees (Fernandes & Alsaeed, 2014). The Civil Rights Act (Title VII) monitors the application of voluntary actions which must conform to its stipulations. The article ensures that it motivates affirmative action programs deteriorating into forums which influence reverse discrimination. It is legal to implement duties that lead to reasonable accommodations for different employees. The argument presented by the article may be understood as supporting the employers in fighting against affirmative action. Giving employers the power to choose employees from goodwill is the same as promoting racial discrimination. It means that employers should not uphold laws focusing on equality in their workplaces.


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