Adoption of PEAK program by universities in Kent State


  1. The Adoption of PEAK program by universities in Kent State is important and invaluable in showing the stakeholders commitment to ensuring that students with disability get maximum and special attention while at school. This ensures that the benefit from the learning resources provided at the schools just like the other students.
  2. The strategy of training teachers using the new online platform by PEAK is a step in the right direction in ensuring that technology is utilized in creating an ample working environment for both teachers and students. In the end, college professors become better prepared in handling students with disabilities and ensuring that they adopt strategies towards satisfying their educational needs.
  3. The adoption of the PEAK platform it timely in boosting other related projects such as Think College Learn! and AHEAD. Despite their shortcomings, the programs have been helpful in ensuring that the needs of students with disabilities are addressed in one way or another. Going forward, emphasis should be placed on ensuring that faculty members are trained as much as possible about the needs of such students and empowered in handling them.


  1. PEAK program should be adopted across the United States with the aim of ensuring that the benefits presently enjoyed in Kent state become national. This emphasizes the commitment of all stakeholders in ensuring that the special educational needs of students with disabilities are addressed. The strategy of training faculty members is invaluable given that Student Disability Resources and Counseling and Psychological Services are comprehensive and divergent in addressing the student’s needs.
  2. It is important to improve the Think College Learn! and AHEAD programs too to match PEAK so that comparison and the evaluation can be on level ground. By so doing, it will be easier and less costly in implementing a program in future that truly caters to the needs of the students with disabilities. It will help the stakeholders in budgeting and set aside the required resources in ensuring that the students and the faculty employees relate in a mutually beneficial environment.
  3. It is commendable that Kent State and other universities are working towards enhancing the relationship between the students with disabilities, the faculty, and professors. However, it is also important to focus on the relationship with other students given that they are all interacting in one environment. In future, stakeholders should work towards improving the PEAK program so that the other students can receive some train as well. This will be helpful in ensuring that students with disability get the necessary support from everyone around them so that their learning experience is seamless. The improvements should also extend to cover the Think College Learn! and AHEAD programs as well.
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