ACCOUNTING 130 Mrs. Fondo started a small business in Mlango

Mrs. Fondo started a small business in Mlango saba-vikwatani on 1st April 2015. Her transactionsfor the month of April 2015 were as follows2ndOpened a bank account and deposited kshs. 200,000 and retained shs. 80000 in cash2ndPaid rent in cash ksh. 180003rdPurchased goods worth ksh. 190,000 from Vicky enterprise on credit5thSold goods for ksh. 290,000 for cash5thBanked kshs. 250000 cash10th Purchased two photocopying machines for shs. 150,000 and paid by cheque10th Purchased goods for ksh. 120,000 from Nema stores and paid half the amont by cheque.12th Sold goods worth ksh. 162,000 on credit to kibarani clinic16th Kibarani clinic returned goods worth ksh. 18000 and was given a credit note for the same.19th Received cheque of ksh. 90,000 from kibarani clinic19th Purchased goods for ksh. 21,000 on credit from Rehema21st Sold goods for ksh. 18000 on credit to Bonvita hotelPaid Vicky enterprise Ksh. 141,800 in full settlement of the amount owed to them bycheque23rd27th Withdrew cash ksh. 15000 for family use28th Bought goods for ksh. 16000 and paid by cheque29th Bonvits ltd paid by cheque Ksh. 13900 in full settlement of their debt29th Paid by cheque nema stores debt less 10% discount30th Paid salaries ksh. 14500 and electricity bill ksh 1800 by chequeRequiredPrepare a three column cash book and more relevant entries in the ledgerand balance the accounts.(16mks)Prepare trial balance as at 30th April 2015.(4mks)

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