2 short answer questions—at least 2 page for each one, write the answer separately

Complete this cumulative take-home exam, which will ask you to integrate and apply concepts from lecture, readings, case studies, and outside sources. This exam will consists 4 questions (see below). Of those 4 questions, you will choose 2 questions to answer . Each answer will require a minimum a two-page answer , therefore, you final submission should be no less than four pages. You will have one week to complete the take-home exam. It is open book and open note. You may utilize library sources such as peer-reviewed case studies, editorials from credible sources, and scholarly articles, but you may not discuss the final with any other students in the class. Sources need to be cited on a separate reference page.


1、-Define job performance and identify and explain its dimensions. Draw a correlation between job performance and organizational commitment.

2、-Define stress. What are the symptoms often associated with stress? Provide an example of a stressful situation relating to you and explain how it may have affected your job performance.

3、-Analyze the four component model of ethical decision making. (Describe each in detail).

4、-Describe the four leader decision making styles using examples. Which of the four would lead to greater job performance, lower stress and higher organizational commitment? Why?


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